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Home Politics Western Region: NPP office set ablaze by angry party members

Western Region: NPP office set ablaze by angry party members

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Some dissatisfied New Patriotic Party (NPP) supporters in the Aowin Constituency in the Western North Region have set fire to the party’s constituency office in response to the National Council’s decision to re-run the constituency’s poll.

According to the National Council, the elections were riddled with anomalies and must be redone.

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However, the proponents claim they are dissatisfied with the directive and are fully opposed to it.

They have sworn to oppose any effort to hold the elections again.

Citi News viewed a video in which several disgruntled individuals stated, “We will not agree. There will be no further elections. Voting has already occurred, and the women’s organisation has been eliminated. Let it stay thus. We’ve already voted this person out of office; you want us to vote again because of this?”

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According to a press conference held by the aggrieved party, John Boadu is responsible for the recent event. According to them, the committee did not urge a redo of the elections, but Mr. John Boadu made that suggestion.

In the meantime, another young group in the district is advocating for the expeditious organising of the re-election.In a statement released last week, they accused the Regional Chairman, Mr. William Benjamin Assuah, and the National Director of Research and Elections, Mr. Evans Nimako, of acting purposefully to thwart the implementation of the committee’s decision.

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