Tuesday, September 6, 2022
Home Politics Minority pledges support for anti-terrorism campaign

Minority pledges support for anti-terrorism campaign

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Minority members of Parliament have shown their willingness to support government policies aimed at preventing terrorist attacks.

In recent years especially in the past several years, the West African subregion has been a hub for terrorist activity.

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Intelligence also reveals that terror organisations operating in Africa target Ghana.

The Minority group acknowledges the necessity for the participation of all stakeholders in the effort to educate citizens about terrorism. Therefore, it has thrown its support behind the initiative.

James Agalga, Ranking Member of the Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament, urged residents to remain vigilant during the campaign’s debut.

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“This is not the first time a such strategy has been implemented to combat terrorism. I recall that we gathered at this location not too long ago for the introduction of the National Security Strategy. Prior to that, at some point in 2019, this same organization will spearhead the development of the National Framework for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism and Terrorism.”

All of these programs are designed to defend the nation from terrorist threats. Terrorism exists, and we can only defeat it by working together. Minority members have so joined the battle against terrorism and are completely committed to its success.”

To increase citizen awareness, the Ministries of National Security and Information created the “See Something, Say Something” initiative. This is in response to fears of a potential terrorist strike in Ghana.

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James Agalga, the ranking member of the Defense and Interior Committee of Parliament, urged residents to remain vigilant during the campaign’s debut.

In its most recent study, the West Africa Centre for Counter-Extremism cautioned that Ghana faces a high risk of terrorism due to civil, political, and social turmoil in sections of the West African subregion.

It was stated that violent extremism risks are heavily descending from the Sahel areas towards coastal states, and that Ghana may not be spared due to events in its neighboring countries.

The West Africa Centre for Counter-Extremism highlighted that chieftaincy and ethnic disputes, land conflicts, marginalization of vulnerable groups, and significant young unemployment render Ghana extremely exposed to terrorist threats.

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