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Manufacturers of cement advised to comply with equitable trade practices

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To develop the cement sector, the Chamber of Cement Makers Ghana (COCMAG) has warned cement manufacturers and producers in the nation to adhere to fair trade practices.

The Chamber of Cement Manufacturers Ghana, the legally registered and recognized body that promotes and protects the interests of its members, says it supports competition but frowns on unfair competition as a result of unfair trade practices, given the current intense competition in the Ghanaian cement industry.

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According to the Chamber, it is concerned with cement quality in order to protect the integrity of buildings and infrastructures in the country, and as the voice of the cement industry and its representative on matters relating to the industry, it will not hesitate to expose any manufacturer/producer found to be engaging in unfair trade practices.

According to COCMAG’s Executive Secretary, Rev Dr. George Dawson-Ahmoah (who released the statement on behalf of the Chamber), the cement sector is a critical one, and as such the Chamber will continue to advocate for its visibility and protection against unfair trade practices.

“Due to the sensitivity and strategic nature of the issue, the Chamber has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MOTI) on addressing critical issues pertaining to local cement production, and we fully support the Minister of Trade and Industry’s initiative to establish a regulatory regime to govern the Cement industry in Ghana.

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According to the statement, the Chamber has pledged to develop and preserve a favorable image and prominence for the cement sector in Ghana.

Rev. Dr. Dawson-Ahmoah pledged that in an effort to sanitize and establish fairness in the cement industry in order to foster healthy competition among members of the industry, the Chamber will not associate itself with certain trade malpractices, such as: Compromising the quality for survival (production of substandard cement), Supply of underweight bagged/bulk cement products, Violation of Environmental Protection matters at the Ports and Factories, disregard of Health and Safety regulations, and disregard of statutory

Reverend Dawson-Ahmoah reassured members of COCMAG of the Chamber’s unwavering commitment to ensuring their sufficient growth and capacity building and advised them not to hesitate to contact the Secretariat if they encountered any obstacles to their operations.

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Members of the Cement Manufacturers in Ghana established the Chamber of Cement Manufacturers of Ghana (COCMAG) in 2015 as the industry’s governing body. Ghacem Cement, Diamond Cement Group, CIMAF Ghana Ltd., Continental Blue Internation (CBI) Co. Ltd, and Dzata Cement are current members.

Rev. Dr. Dawson-Ahmoah advised, “Other manufacturers, who are predominantly of Chinese origin, have not yet been admitted by the Chamber, and it would be in their best interest to join now that the enforcement of fair trade practices will be strictly enforced and non-complaints will not be tolerated.”

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