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Lagos finally enforces Okada ban

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Lagos, one of the most populated cities in Africa, has began enforcing its ban on motorcycle taxis.

Nigeria’s economic superpower issued the ban two weeks ago that includes major neighbourhoods in the capital.

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The clampdown follows the grisly death of a 38-year-old man, thought to have been killed by some taxi riders over an argument over a fare.

The event provoked popular indignation.

The authorities warned they will arrest riders who disobey the prohibition and take their motorbikes.

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Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu condemned the taxi riders as a hazard to road users, citing soaring crime and road accidents.

The taxis are a popular form of transit because they are faster at weaving through the city’s traffic bottlenecks.

A big number of young people in the state make a career as motobike taxi riders and the prohibition is certain to meet a reaction.

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The authorities on Tuesday deployed security troops and armoured personnel carriers in the capital amid fears of possibly violent protests.

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