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E-Levy to begin on May 1 2022 – GRA

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The Electronic Transaction Levy will be implemented on May 1, 2022, according to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) (E-Levy).

The GRA stated in a notice published in the press that the decision was influenced by Parliament’s passage of the E-Levy Bill.All electronic transfers will be subject to a 1.50 percent E-Levy.

Transfers affected by the Levy.

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Mobile money transfers between accounts with the same electronic money issuer and mobile money transfers from one electronic money issuer to a recipient on another electronic money issuer will be subject to the charge.

Transfers from bank accounts to mobile money accounts, as well as transfers from mobile money accounts to bank accounts, are among the others.

The Minister of Finance shall decide on bank transfers on an instant pay digital platform or application originating from a bank account to an individual subject to a daily threshold.

GRA announce of E-Levy implementation
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The government introduced the E-Levy on fundamental transactions connected to digital payments and electronic platform transactions in the 2022 Budget.

The fee would be applied to electronic transactions with a daily value of more than GHS 100. This is not the same as the percentage of mobile money transactions that telecommunication companies charge.

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