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Agric Minister must resign – Chamber of Agribusiness

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The Chamber of Agribusiness is calling for the resignation of the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, due to his failure to solve the sector’s most pressing issues.

If the minister does not quit, the chamber has threatened a strike followed by a rally.

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Despite the fact that numerous industry participants have recommended solutions for the government to aid them and Ghanaians in general, these suggestions have fallen on deaf ears.

The Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana attributes the industry’s difficulties on the sector minister’s lackluster performance. Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, and is requesting his resignation as a result.

Anthony Morrison is the Chamber’s CEO

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“The decision to ask the minister to resign is not based solely on his personality. Prior to three weeks ago, he authorized the export of soy and corn. What information guided his decision? Why are you imposing a moratorium when the production season is about to begin? If there is a prohibition on investment in the industry, investors will think twice before entering.

“Access to fertilizer also remains a concern,” he noted. One would have anticipated that the minister would engage with other parties to establish a credit that would provide fertilizer and feed importers with credit facilities to import these fertilizers with ease. But he is not considering ways to improve our food security.”

“The Chamber is in discussion with other significant industry players. We have supplied the Ministry with sufficient information, advice, and lobbying for it to take action. In the following week, the Chamber and its strategic partners will have a meeting. If this is not followed, a strike will occur. Farmers, processors, and other value chain participants will demonstrate against this minister for the first time in the history of the country, according to Mr. Morrison.

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There have been shortages of numerous feed ingredients, including as maize, wheat bran, and soya bean, notably in the poultry industry, due to exports to neighboring countries and the imposition of excessive pricing on these goods.

The issue of fertilizer scarcity, the threat of fertiliser smuggling, and the delay in payment to fertiliser distributors under the Planting for Food and Jobs program have also had devastating effects on the roughly 1.5 million farmers participating in the program.

The current Russian-Ukrainian war has exacerbated the problem, since the distortion in the global food value chain has resulted in a high inflation rate, with food inflation being a key contributor.

Numerous agriculturists have warned of a potential food scarcity if domestic concerns, in particular, are not addressed and have recommended ways to examine them, but to no avail.

The Chamber of Agribusiness Ghana is of the opinion that the sector minister is accountable for their hardships, despite the government’s assertion that it is working diligently to address these issues.

According to the parliament, the agriculture sector has deteriorated under the leadership of the minister, and he should resign.

Anthony Morrison told Citi Business News, “We believe the Minister should graciously resign so that we can replace him with someone who has ideas about where the business should go so that we can all rally around him and promote the expansion of the industry.”

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